Our Services

JIT Program

  • Need new product fast but can’t seem to keep up with your usage for both your customer premise builds or network expansion?
  • Let DHD kit and stage your product for network expansion and customer premise builds.
  • DHD will purchase, stock, package, and deliver your most critical run-rate product for your teams! Let us develop a plan designed for you.
  • DHD will develop a specialized “Just in Time" program best suited for your growing business. DHD understands the complexities of various regions, divisions, and corporate  offices communicating with one another in the pursuit to keep up with ongoing customer demands. DHD will be your #1 material provider and project manager for all of your monthly, quarterly, or yearly usage plans.
  • DHD will review your estimated usage reports and develop the most efficient stocking levels to best suit your volume of business - you will have product in the location when your engineers and techs need it the most - on time, without the logistical hassle.