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What is DHDCare?

DHDCare is a third-party maintenance solution for lowering expensive OEM maintenance contracts.

Under this program, our team provides options and cost alternatives to the standard “OEM maintenance” decisions to customers worldwide.

DHDCare Provides Critical RESOURCES

1. Asset Management Portal
2. World-class Ticketing System, TAC escalation, and RMA process.
3. Information Leadership (critical Infrastructure trends for financial OPEX and CAPEX savings).


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The Best for the Client - Always

The maintenance world can be very complex and expensive for hardware parts. DHDCare focuses on what is best for our clients and their infrastructure. We offer the valuable flexibility of looking at low-cost alternatives to OEM support. The DHDCare portal simplifies what can be a frustrating responsibility by delivering precise support for our customer’s needs while providing world-class technical assistance. These benefits lead to timely and cost-effective savings and ultimately a more secure hardware system. Having greater systems translates into more effective budget management.

Supporting OEMS: Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Juniper, EMC, NetApp, (and many more).

Response and Availability - 24 Hours - Every Day

Help is available by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can also request critical replacement parts 24/7 too.


Four-hour onsite parts replacement is available in most metro areas, with information about your goals and requirements.

Next Business Day

Our help desk is available 24/7. We can ship parts, determined to be a hardware failure, to arrive next day.

Services Covered by the DHDCare SLA (Service Level Agreement) include:

• Certified Engineer Support
• Immediate access to Tier 4 Engineer’s NCIE, CCIE, etc.
• Monitored Email Support
• Failed Parts Replacement
• Onsite FE to Customer Site with Failed Part
• Hardware Break/Fix Support



Let's discuss how your team will benefit with DHD. Use this information
to evaluate your next maintenance renewal contract.

Maximize your opex budget with DHDCare.

As your trusted Information Leader, DHDCare is
committed to providing you with the greatest in
value and service in the maintenance sector.


“After a comparison analysis, DHDCare provided an 85% CapEx savings. When tax payers look at every dollar spent this is very important. DHDCare provides not only a significant savings but also a higher quality of service with their Asset Management Portal tool. This is now a new proactive way of thinking because we have never experienced 3rd party maintenance service alternative. It was a simple decision to make a change because of cost and because of the Asset Management Portal tool helpful support.”

“We have been using a hybrid of 3rd party maintenance. Our budget is approximately $500k on OEM Maintenance annually. We happily switched to DHDCare and have reduced this expense by 87%. Saying we are happy is an understatement.”

“We used 3rd party maintenance systems and were spending $450k a year on maintenance. The DHDCare option created an 89% savings! Not only was the financial savings a huge benefit, the Asset Management Portal was immensely helpful to track all our assets. Then, to top of both of these, the quality of service was amazing.”

DHDCare reduces maintenance costs while extending the life of capex investments without sacrificing support and coverage. By extending the life of Capex investments and reducing Opex costs, our customers can focus on other priorities.

Check out the Asset Management Portal

After establishing an account with DHDCare, we integrate your existing assets of maintenance agreements into the DHD Asset Management tool and build your portal connection.

Assets may be managed by vendor, part number, component category with summary results that may be configured strategically for easy oversight. Vendor, serial number, date of purchase, location, and other specifically useful details are located in one spot.

The Asset Management Tool makes customer support both simple and comprehensive. Should you need an RMA, or report a problem, submit a ticket, follow up on a problem – are all simple and seamless.


DHDCare Asset Management Portal Tool provides a summary of assets, serial numbers, part numbers, and easy contact details for all vendors and maintenance agreements.



DHD uniquely provides the best in value and price.

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