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Learn where to optimize your network
security with our security assessment

Find out how DHD’s firewall security solutions can help you.

DHD provides an array of firewall security solutions for branch, enterprise, data center, and service provider environments.

DHD has authorized, certified engineering and assessment resources designed to keep your environment up to date including reviewing configuration profiles, assessing vulnerabilities and identity access risks across on-premise and cloud environments, and reviewing best practices.  We can assist with security questions including product comparisons and alternatives, VPN requirements, network segmentation, and virtualization.

Our Security Portfolio

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Prevent. Detect. Monitor

Always top-of-mind for IT teams is security. This high calling for IT Professionals requires constant vigilance, updated strategies, information, tools and resources.  DHD always starts at the same place: to get to where we need to be, we must be clear where we are today.  In order to help you and your customers sleep peacefully, DHD has put together a best-of-breed security offering. We’ve partnered with market leaders, giving you the option to secure devices from end point to core.

DHD’s security hardware portfolio gives you a flexible solution based on pricing, performance and the confidence in your team and OEM to perform. Contact us to help you evaluate your current risks based on perceived vs. actual coverage.

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“It’s simple. With every order, we aim to deliver what our customers want, when they want it. This formula not only makes them look good to their internal team/management but to THEIR customers.” It’s our customer commitment.

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