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DHDCare Maintenance Solution (English) 2:16

Unlock budget flexibility and streamline your IT maintenance with DHD’s cutting-edge solutions. DHDCare, our third-party maintenance solution, offers a cost-effective alternative to OEM maintenance, with savings of 50% or more. From networking to server and storage devices, DHDCare provides a comprehensive asset management portal, 24/7 customer support, and simplified ticketing processes. Learn how to effortlessly manage your assets, renewals, and tickets with DHDCare‘s user-friendly dashboard. Say goodbye to expensive OEM maintenance and embrace a more organized, cost-effective approach to IT maintenance.

DHD Operations (English) 1:11

We’re pulling back the curtain with our Operations team in this 60-second glimpse into the inner workings of DHD’s distribution center located in Santa Barbara, CA. We’re committed to delivering on our promise of providing customers with timely and cost-effective IT procurement and maintenance solutions. Take a closer look at our processes, where products undergo rigorous testing, refurbishment, and certification, ensuring high quality and flawless performance. We prioritize detailed physical inspections and secure packaging, offering video confirmation of our procedures. With successful shipments to over 100 countries, including challenging DDP shipments, DHD has established a global presence. Discover how our hardware solutions, accompanied by an industry-leading warranty, can contribute to cost savings in networking infrastructure. Our focus on customer service has earned us repeat and referral business.

DHDCare Maintenance Solution (Spanish) 2:30

Libere la flexibilidad presupuestaria y optimice su mantenimiento de IT con las soluciones de vanguardia de DHD. DHDCare, nuestra solución de mantenimiento de terceros ofrece una alternativa rentable al mantenimiento OEM, con ahorros del 50% o más. Desde redes hasta servidores y dispositivos de almacenamiento, DHDCare proporciona un portal integral de gestión de activos, atención al cliente 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana y procesos de emisión de tickets simplificados. Aprenda cómo administrar sin esfuerzo sus activos, renovaciones y tickets con el panel fácil de usar de DHDCare. Dígale adiós al costoso mantenimiento OEM y adopte un enfoque más organizado y rentable para el mantenimiento de IT.

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