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Sustainability at DHD

At DHD, we’re dedicated to sustainability and preserving the planet for future generations.

Why now?

Sustainability is becoming more important each year. As more technology is used residentially and commercially, carbon emissions are increasing at an exponential rate. Now is the time to start implementing sustainable business practices and make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

Helping IT Directors Help the Environment

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Extend life

Implement a hybrid or third-party maintenance strategy to reduce e-waste and extend your IT budget. We provide support for hardware that is EOS/EOL and is no longer supported by the OEM.

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Redeploy assets

Offer previously pre-owned/refurbished equipment put through rigorous testing to deliver the highest quality.

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Keep assets from landfill

Offer various options to redeploy, buy assets back, or offer equipment that best suits your needs. With customers all over the globe, we will find a home for your excess hardware.

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Dispose well

Uphold environmental e-waste regulations. If needed, we can provide certifications of destruction.

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